About Me: 

Hi there, I'm Peter Chin the Emcee, Translator and Interpreter.

(Language pairing: English-Mandarin)

Let me share with you what I like about each of my job:


I simply enjoys the vibe of events, in which I get to lend in my skills to facilitate a smooth and engaging event for my clients. In our time today, effective and engaging events are more important than ever for corporations to build relationship with their customers, and a skillful emcee is essential for a successful interaction.


We are living in an increasingly inter-connected world, where there is more and more interaction in multiple aspects of life, from trade to culture, government to members of societies. I feel proud as a translator, where I get to contribute to a better communication between different communities and nationalities.


Face to face discussions are occurring more often in our society today, topics of discussion can range from trade talks between to nation to a company setting up business in a new market. A professional interpreter is not an option but a must to a successful and smooth discussion.

Email: inspirepeter@gmail.com Phone: +60174815248  Penang, Malaysia

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